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Formation gestion du changement

Adapting to change is essential for all businesses to stay relevant and level with the competition. As an employee, you need to be able to deal with and adapt to changes so you can promote company success. As a leader, you need to support your team during these complex and challenging times. The below training will help provide tips and hints to a large population in your organisation and give tools and techniques to your leaders to navigate through changes.

Dealing with change in the workplace

Impact learning - 60 minutes

A bite-sized interactive session for large groups where participants are introduced to the topic. Two sessions where they get tips and hints that they can easily apply after the session to help them to cope with change and manage uncertainty.

Driving change

 Skills and resources leaders need to accelerate the process of implementing change in their team.

Managing transition

People love changes, they just hate the transition. This module gives a framework that leaders can use to help their team members to go through transitions.

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